Our Story

Lorraine’s started as a small gift store on South Park Street selling homemade candles and gifts for the home. Later moving to the corner of Main and Park and then expanding to the next building, while expanding the Gift Dept and adding a large Jewelry Dept. In 1991 Lorraine’s expanded again by acquiring the next two buildings on the block and added Radio Shack and Children’s World Clothing. In 2006 and 2007 we remodeled again, turning the gift store into Lorraine’s Hallmark Gold Crown, the RadioShack into US Cellular and Home Theater and Children’s World into RadioShack. And in 2014 we are changing again. The Jewelry store is now Peggy’s Boutique, US Cellular has again expanded to the whole building and Radio Shack is getting a make over. Our only constant is change. Keeps life exciting!